Paint by figures | The most common types of wood used for the art of sculpture and their characteristics
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The most common types of wood used for the art of sculpture and their characteristics

The most common types of wood used for the art of sculpture and their characteristics

One of the first characteristics that are evident when observing a sculpture or a wooden statue is certainly the raw material in which it is carved: wood. 
Especially if you decide to choose an untreated figure, the characteristics of the wood are perfectly recognizable. Among these the color, the veins and last but not least, the perfume stand out. 
Below we find the types of wood most used in wood carving and their main characteristics.

wood Maple wood is a wood frequently used in wood carving as it is particularly soft and allows it to be worked easily. Its color is very clear and ranges from white to yellow. The wood grain is well recognizable. The wood surface is particularly well suited to being polished, lacquered and colored. Maple is a very common plant: it grows in most of Europe, in North America, in Canada and in the Far East.

Linden wood
The lime tree is a whitish and homogeneous wood. It is a fairly light wood and very suitable for precision work such as sculpture, carving, inlaying, turning and making parts of musical instruments. The wood surface is particularly suitable to be treated with colors, waxes and lacquers. The plant is present throughout Europe in two variants, summer and winter, but their woods have very similar characteristics.

Swiss pine wood
The best known feature of Swiss pine is its particularly intense and pleasant aroma. Its color varies from a light reddish to a more intense red. This wood is particularly soft and light and its veins are very evident. Swiss pine is also often used for the construction of Tyrolean-style interior furniture, especially kitchens and bedrooms. As for the wood carvings of Val Gardena, it is the most widely used wood from the 17th century onwards and today many hand-made sculptures are carved in Swiss pine wood.

Oak wood
Oak is a very hard wood, frequently used also in the realization of furniture for the home, floors, stairs, doors and windows. Its color is dark, depending on the type of oak can vary from reddish brown, brown to gray. It is a wood with a good durability that resists aging, climatic conditions and plant pests. It also has a high impact resistance. The oak is widespread in most of Europe and America; it also grows in Eurasia and in North Africa.

Ash wood
The ash is a very light wood, which varies from white to yellow to reddish but always in light shades. It is a very hard wood, frequently used in the construction of furniture for the home, floors, walls and everything that requires a durable wood. Being a hard, resistant and flexible wood, it is also used for the realization of elements of sports items such as oars, parallel bars and baseball bats. Its veins are very pronounced and therefore very recognizable.

wood Cherry wood is a precious wood is easily recognizable thanks to its particular color tending to dark red, reddish to golden brown. Widespread especially in North America, Canada and Europe, it is not suitable for outdoor use as it can be potentially attacked by pests if not properly treated. Although it is a fairly hard wood, it is suitable to be worked both by hand and with machinery and it is frequently used also in the realization of furniture for the home.

wood Walnut wood is a prestigious wood, one of the most used for the production of furniture and other wood products due to its not particularly hard consistency. It is also frequently used in the production of musical instruments, elements of weapons and interiors of luxurious automobiles. This wood comes in color variations ranging from brown to gray, with veins that approach the black. Walnut is a tree grown all over the world thanks to the goodness of the fruit it produces.

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